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Torah, Tefilloh and Chessed are the keynotes of the new Elstree Shtiebel , where its founder Mendel Tajtelbaum expects every Jew to find a warm and gracious welcome. His mission is to create a Nusach Sephard Shtiebel that promotes meaningful prayer and deep Torah study, alongside a commitment to chesed together with deep respect for every Jew regardless of their level of observance.

Davening at the Elstree Shtiebel, which is based on the rich spiritual tradition of Ger hasidut, could bring spiritual fulfilment to a varied range of mispallelim, from those who are already shomrei mitzvos and well versed in Yiddishkeit to those who feel the impulse to re-connect with the heritage of their forefathers in an environment that is as genuine as it is non judgmental.

Those who attend the shtiebel will find a shul complete with mechitza that conforms fully to the requirements of an orthodox Shul. It is already launched on its Shabbos davening times, including Friday evening, Shabbos morning, mincha , shalosh seudas and maariv. Its weekday evening kollel on Shul premises is already under way as is its Ovos Uvonim programme on Motsei Shabbos during the winter and on Sunday afternoon during the spring and summer months.

Programmes for ladies including shiurim will follow in due course.

The decorum and atmosphere of the Shtiebel will be responsible for setting the tone for a level of Tefilloh and commitment to Yiddishkeit that will inspire those who daven and learn within its walls to an enhanced appreciation and respect for bein adam la-Makom and bein adam le-havero.

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